About San Stefano Boats – Corfu Boat Hire

About San Stefano Boats – Corfu Boat Hire

Our history

San Stefano Boats – Corfu Boat Hire is a family owned boat hire business based at the harbour of San Stefano NE (Aghios Stefanos) at Sinies Corfu, between Kassiopi and Nissaki. We offer a great selection of brand new, safe, reliable and easy to drive motor boats as well as private boat cruises to various destinations.

San Stefano Boats prides itself on being a family run business. We, the Bolovinos family, have been involved in the tourist industry for 25 years and live and work here in San Stefano (NE). Due to the perfect location and our love of the sea, we decided to open our boat hire/rental business. Since the launch of our company back in 2009, we have gone from strength to strength. As our business grows, we continue to invest in new boats and for your safety a regular maintenance program for all our crafts.

About San Stefano Boats - Corfu Boat Hire - Our Office on site

Our advantage is based on the fact that your safety is our priority. This is the reason why we have invested all possible means to ensure it. We live in Agios Stefanos and we love our place. Seeing you smiling and hearing from you that you had an unforgettable day is, at the end of the day, our greatest success.

Choose one of our boats and enjoy the most fun getaway in the Ionian sea! We guarantee you moments of relaxation and lap luxury in the experienced hands of our skippers, who will guide you with absolute responsibility and professionalism to the North-East of Corfu, to Corfu Town, to Paxi-Antipaxi, to Othoni and Ereikousa, to Syvota as well as to any other Ionian island, as well as to any picturesque places on the Greek mainland. Following your wishes faithfully and with the only purpose to fulfil any of your requirements, we are committed to provide an unforgettable day to you, to your family and anyone you love and want to share this unique experience with.

San Stefano NE harbour of Sinies (also called San Stefanos, Aghios Stefanos, Agios Stefanos) is on the north eastern side of Corfu island near Sinies and Kassiopi village. During the summer the bay is lined with yachts, dingys and traditional whitewashed houses. A small pebble beach and traditional seafront tavernas.

The Greek community makes everyone feel at home. All this, just 1 mile across the water from Albania – so close in fact, that  you can even see the houses and people on the opposite shore. San Stefano is the ideal location to start exploring the north east coast of Corfu Island. Live the Corfu experience by boat … Hire a boat with San Stefano Boats- Corfu Boat Hire !

About San Stefanos NE (a.k.a Agios or Aghios Stefanos)

Agios Stefanos Sinion is a traditional fishing village in a lush stunning setting between Kerasia Beach and the famous Kassiopi Harbour, which is just three kilometres away. Aghios Stefanos Sinion is known as a luxury resort as many Greek and foreign entrepreneurs have built holiday villas on the slopes around the village. Agios Stefanos Sinion is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea. On the left side of the bay you will find a small pebble beach equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. There are a few tavernas serving traditional Greek cuisine on the beach, and also two bars, mini markets and tourist shops. If you do not have a car you will need to rent one when you are staying at Aghios Stefanos Sinion as the village and the harbour are a long way from the main road where you can catch a bus to Kassiopi or Corfu Town. There are two important ecosystems to the north of Agios Stefanos Sinion,  Lake Akoli and Lake Vromolimnos which are linked by a network of trails that lead to some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the Erimitis region, and at the end of the marked trail you will arrive at the vast beach at Avlaki.

Correct place?

Did you know that there are 2 places called San Stefanos (Agios Stefanos) in Corfu?

Our Agios Stefanos (Agios Stefanos NE or San Stefanos NE) is also known as Agios Stefanos Sinion and is located on the north east side of the island between Kerasia beach and Avlaki beach. The other Agios Stefanos (Agios Stefanos NW or San Stefanos NW) is also known as Agios Stefanos Avlioton is located on the north west side of the island near the village Avliotes. It takes about 40-50 minutes drive to get from Agios Stefanos NW (Avliotes) to our Agios Stefanos NE (Sinion).