Is it easy to drive the boats?

Yes, we have boats for beginners and the more experienced. In all cases  we give an introductory lesson before talking the boat.

Do I need a licence?

It depends. For boats up to 30HP you do NOT need a licence.

A licence is required for boats with more than 30 HP.

If you wish to hire one of our luxury boats (more than 30 HP) and you do not have a boat licence, we offer captain/skipper on demand.

What time can we take the boat and when must we be back?

Our boats are available between 9:30 am and 18:00 pm

Is the petrol included in the price?

No, the petrol is extra and is paid on your return according to how much you have used.

Do you recommend places for us to visit?

Yes, and we will also supply you with a map to take with you.

How far can we go? Are there any limits?

There is no set limit, weather permitting expect Albania.

Can we take our own food and drinks or have a picnic on the beach?

Yes, of course. We also supply a cool box with ice packs.

Are children safe on the boats ?

Of course yes. We also have special life jackets for infants and children.

What do we do if we want to swim from the boat?

You can use the anchor and every boat has a swimming ladder.