Corfu Old Town by boat – Private Boat Cruise

  • 1 – 12 pax

  • 9 am

  • 6 pm

  • Restaurant stop (optional)

Corfu Old Town by boat – Private Boat Cruise

A beautiful daily private boat cruise from San Stefano Harbour to Corfu Old Town by boat. Ideal choice if you wish to avoid high summer Corfu road traffic.

We recommend a tour around the renowned old Fortress of Corfu, one of the most impressive Venetian landmarks of the old times, and next, the bay of Garitsa, the famous gathering point for locals walking all year round, and for the most exclusive yachts in the world. If required, you may have a stopover at the old town to experience a walk in the quaint alleys, go shopping or sip a coffee in Spaniada square, the largest square in Balkans.

Afterwards, you could have lunch at the idyllic islet of Vidos, the “Alcatraz” of Corfu, as it housed prisoners during the Civil War. Nowadays, Vidos serves as a Bird and Wildlife sanctuary and it also accommodates a campsite for children and youngsters. The island has many little coves where you can sunbathe and “Vido Island” restaurant where you can eat.

Sailing back, a stop to Lazareto islet will end your day. It is situated between Vidos island and the peninsula of Kontokali and Kommeno. Among its intact beauty, there are various buildings still there, raised during wartime.