Sivota & Blue Lagoon Private Boat Cruise

  • 1 – 12 pax

  • 9 am

  • 6 pm

  • Restaurant stop (optional)

Sivota & Blue Lagoon Private Boat Cruise

Sivota (Syvota) is a small fishing port village in the Northwestern Greece (mainland Epirus), just opposite the south part of Corfu Island. Surrounded by hills, which are covered with lush Mediterranean greenery. The coastline is full of rocky bays with crystal clear water and amazing sandy and pebbly beaches


These beaches make you feel like in the Caribbean. This is one of the titles in their enthusiasm many Greek and foreign visitors attribute to Syvota. Others call this fairytale place “Riviera of Epirus”. Lacy coastlines, lovely green islets, beaches with crystal waters and hidden coves, are some of the features of this place that make it an ideal choice for those who enjoy their boat holidays in Greece.

Together with several islands located beside, Sivota makes very picturesque and authentic landscape. The village consists of only a few streets along the coastline, a few houses, hotels and villas on the hills. Most of the numerous cafes and restaurants are situated next to the harbor.


Sivota is surrounded by many large and small beaches which are gorgeous. Some of these beaches are accessible by foot, others by car, and some however are only accessible by boat. Some of them are Zeri, Galikos Molos, Bella Vraka, Zavia, Mikri Ammos, Megali Ammos and the exotic bay of “Pishina”, where a part of the famous film “Blue Lagoon” was filmed.


The sea is generally warm and ideal for families with children. ambience and its great place for relaxing holiday, but with good opportunities to have an active holiday as well.