Paxos & Antipaxos Magic – Private Boat Cruise

  • 1 – 12 pax

  • 9 am

  • 6 pm

  • Restaurant stop (optional)

Paxos & Antipaxos Magic – Private Boat Cruise

Explore the mystery of the Ionian Sea and experience Paxos & Antipaxos Magic aboard on one of our luxury speedboats. At a distance of 7 miles south of Corfu and approximately 12 miles from the shores of Parga, there “floats” a bright-green island in turquoise waters boasting breathtaking caves, glorious beaches and scenic fishing villages.


Paxos & Antipaxos is where the first ever Greek series on Netflix “Maestro” was filmed. While small and much less famous than their Ionian neighbors Corfu and Lefkada, the Paxi islands (specifically Paxos and the uninhabited islet Antipaxos, which boasts vineyards and beautiful beaches), actually have an interesting history, featuring naval battles, pirates, and a succession of foreign rulers.


A true Greek romance – drama – tragedy plot: love affairs, family drama, and crime taking place in an otherwise idyllic small-town setting. The plot, which unfolds over nine episodes, sees musician Orestis (Papakaliatis) arrive on the island of Paxos to organize the return of the island’s summer music festival. There, he gets entangled with the lives of the locals, including someone he’s met before – the beautiful, but much younger Klelia (played by Klelia Andriolatou)


According to legend, the island of Paxos was born when Poseidon, the God of the Sea, struck the southern tip of Corfu with his trident, creating an idyllic retreat for his love Amphitrite, and ever since this has been the place where the two of them built up their romance.


It is virtually a God blessed place merging the astounding natural beauty with the endless sea. A heaven on Earth, right in the middle of the Ionian Sea, every inch of which looks like it popped out of a masterpiece. A paradise where a lot of foreigners, especially Italian celebrities or common people own vast tracts of land, as well as yachtsmen since it is more convenient to approach the island than others.


The capital, Gaios, situated on the east coast of the island, is the greatest among the other villages and it is close to the main port.  As observed in the rest of the Ionian Islands, traditional architecture has taken up the island’s green landscapes. The colours and the artistic style blended in, are reminders of another, more romantic era.

Diving in the transparent waters of Paxos & Antipaxos is something nobody should miss out. Most of the island’s visitors bathe at the “lacy” seashores of Paxos and Antipaxos which are compared to exotic places.